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Lead Product Designer
Small trucking companies have thin margins, and a significant contributor to this is that the business operators are often learning on the go. With Haulse, small trucking company owners get a digital business advisor that provides automated intelligence to help them skyrocket their revenue and to run and sustain their businesses more efficiently.


Haulse sprouted from spending time with truck-owner operators and seeing how small fleets are constantly attacked from all angles.
Only 10% of what they do is drive
Family Life suffers
Many fail within the first 6 months
Margins are razor-thin

The majority of solutions are catered towards organizations with large fleets even though: 1-3 Truck Operators account for

of market capacity

Competitive Landscape


The product team had conducted a significant amount of market analysis and customer interviews. It helped accelerate the discovery process, which we noticed we had critical workflow gaps for the following scenarios:
What information do Truck owner-operators require from start to end of their trip? What is the payment workflow for both entities
Trip planning workflow

We conducted Remote User interviews with 5-8 truck owner+operators of single and multiple (up to 6 trucks) trucks.
Many of the participants were not aware of their monthly revenue goal status, which then resulted in them taking on more work and poor planning.
Tracking became a core value proposition that would lead to enhancing the truck-owner operators' planning process.

Design Principles

We defined 3 core principles that became the cornerstone of our services, from product definition to interaction design

Design system - Branding

Branding became a point of conversation, so educating the team on how to utilize design systems to allow product teams to continue development with the options of changing key brand elements (logo, font, tone, visual elements). It helped inform the broader group on how we could move forward while in the initial steps of brand development.

We also wanted to buildup on the great work out there and went with the route to utilize Material design due to over 70% of our target are Android users.

I used Material Theme Editor Sketch pluginon the design end and Android studio on development.  

V1 Features

Goal Tracking
Adding Loads

The app is in private beta testing with 100 users in the US

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